Friday, June 11, 2010

Build memorial on the outskirts

Build memorial on the outskirts

Plenty of vacant government and defence land outside Bangalore can serve the purpose well

If the government likes to build a war memorial it should build it anywhere on the outskirts of Bangalore city, but not in the heart of the city. The lung spaces are already shrinking and it is time they begin to protect whatever green space is left.
There is plenty of vacant government and defence land outside Bangalore which can serve the purpose well. Looking outwards is a good option. Let's not forget that the city is choked with traffic. A memorial in a central location will attract people, but are we equipped to handle that much additional traffic on the roads?
We should try and look at ways to, firstly, preserve our shrinking green spaces and, secondly, decongest the city. The state government, in the name of development, is indiscriminately widening the roads, pulling down trees and demolishing people's properties. In such a situation, the government must think before destroying the few existing lung spaces. There needs to be a wide public debate about this before going ahead.
The questions haunting each one of us are: Does the state government have any integrated master plan for the traffic woes of Bangalore or for the development of Bangalore? Is there any expert committee to scientifically study and suggest the government on developmental works?
Truth is that it is all a lobby of vested interests guiding the government into such "innovative projects". They are also forcing the government to implement these projects with little logic. The state government is squandering public money in the interest of the lobby and is on an unnecessary spending spree! It is deplorable that the government does not care two hoots for public opinion or democratic functioning. I feel the public should take a decisive stand; we should organise ourselves and offer resistance to all anti-development and anti-people moves of the government.


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