Friday, May 21, 2010

Throwing the muck back

Throwing the muck back
Common sense seems to be lacking in some of BBMP's work. How else can one explain silt being removed from drains in Hennur and piled up alongside, only to be washed back in at the first shower?

It's a case of one step forward and two backward. A desilting exercise by BBMP in HBR Layout has come to naught -- thanks to a total non-application of mind on the part of the workers and contractors.
The desilting of storm water drains in Maruti Layout and 4th Block HBR Layout is underway but the mud and other debris being removed has been piled up right next to the drains. Result: the moment it pours, as it has been doing for the past few days, the muck finds its way back in.
Despite the glaring evidence, civic officials have not yet got around to taking corrective action.
According to sources, the desilting work has been allotted to contractors with BJP affiliations and civic officials, fearing a backlash, are not insisting on the silt being removed from the site immediately.
When contacted, Assistant Executive Engineer Rachappa insisted that he had given instructions to clear the silt. "The task is being undertaken simultaneously in the entire area and we are clearing the removed silt," he said.

Debris and mud (right) dumped on the roadside in Hennur after the desilting exercise


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