Wednesday, May 05, 2010

'Metro and Monorails won't affect the BMTC'

'Metro and Monorails won't affect the BMTC'
By: A Correspondent Date: 2010-05-04 Place: Bangalore

3 Sawaal

1. Has Bus Day been successful in drawing more people to BMTC buses?
It's improving with every Bus Day. Today, the fourth Bus Day will be observed and we are hopeful that more people board BMTC buses than what we saw previously.

2. Are there any plans of having a dedicated bus lane?
The BMTC wanted a to have dedicated bus lanes since long. If implemented, it will definitely work. The traffic will reduce considerably and more and more people will start using BMTC buses.

P K Garg Director, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

3. What after Metro and Monorails start operations in the city?
It won't affect us much, as people will have to use BMTC buses to reach Metro and Monorail stations. Also, these projects will make a few more years to get complete and by that time the city too would expand. Thus, there will always be a demand for the BMTC buses. ” Text and pic by Madhusudan Maney

Go lucky!

Radio One, the official media partner, is conducting a contest on Bus Day where 10 lucky BMTC passengers stand a chance of winning Vajra passes.

The commuters will also be asked to a fill a survey form and the best suggestions/feedback will be implemented by the BMTC to improve its services.

To know more about the Bus Day, stay tuned to Radio One 94.3 FM or log on to or


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