Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lalbagh makeover plan a step closer to reality

Lalbagh makeover plan a step closer to reality

Express News ServiceFirst Published : 19 May 2010 11:54:00 PM ISTLast Updated : 19 May 2010 07:15:35 AM IST
BANGALORE: Here's a spot of good news for Bangaloreans. Lalbagh will get a facelift with the State Government having decided to come up with a musical fountain and a rock garden at the park.
“A blueprint is being prepared to give a totally different look to Lalbagh on the lines of the botanical garden of Singapore. But, we will retain Lalbagh’s native originality, without disturbing the flora and fauna. It is estimated to cost Rs 65 crore approximately,” Horticulture Minister Umesh Katti said.
The rock garden will be aesthetic as well as educative, as several types of plants and trees will be brought here from various parts of the world.
While the musical fountain is expected to cost Rs 35 crore, the rock garden will set the government back by around Rs 30 crore.
According to Katti, it was the dream of late Ramakrishna Hegde to have a musical fountain in Lalbagh, which is now being created as a mark of respect to the departed leader.
He said the musical fountain is sure to attract people and the existing lake is going to be rejuvenated.
“I have discussed with the officials about commencing the desilting of the lake which is the primary need for rejuvenation, beautification and illumination,” Katti added.
A professional agency has been engaged to prepare the blueprint of Lalbagh on the lines of Singapore’s botanical garden. “The area of Lalbagh is about 240 acres and it is in no way inferior in potential to compete with any botanical garden in the world, provided we manage to give a proper facelift and maintain it,” the horticulture minister added.


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