Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Contractors laze as BBMP looks away

Contractors laze as BBMP looks away
Bangalore, May 11, DH News Service:

Testing the patience of the commuters, contractors continue to delay completing projects at Kadirenahalli, Puttenahalli and Gurunanak Bhavan near Cunningham Road, even as officials look the other way.

The indulgence shown to contractors by officials and their political masters has already delayed the construction of underpass at Kadirenahalli and Puttenahalli. The work was supposed to be completed by January 2009. Officials claim that the construction of Kadirenahalli underpass is 'close to completion'. "We are instructed to complete the work by June. We hope that the underpass would be opened for public in June this year," said a BBMP official requesting anonymity.

Interestingly, acquisition of land for the Kadirenahalli underpass is yet to be completed. "The only obstacle to complete the work is the land acquisition process, which is under way," said the officer. It is noteworthy that the government had levied a penalty on the contractor of Kadirenahalli underpass for delaying the work.

The BBMP officials claim that the Puttenahalli underpass would also be completed by October this year. But, the pace of the work belies the claim.

Representations in vain

As per the terms and conditions of the contract, construction of both the underpasses was supposed to be completed by January 2009 but the work is far from complete even after a delay of almost a year-and-a half. Banashankari Ward Corporator Mohammed Ali said he had made several representations before the Special Commissioner to get the two projects completed, but in vain.

More interesting story is of the major storm water drain near Gurunanak Bhavan, close to the Cunningham Road. According to an engineer in BBMP, the contract was awarded in parts and the work was started in 2006. The contractors found the work so challenging that they quit the work midway many times. Somehow, the first phase was completed, and the second phase which began is far from completion.

"The second phase of the project with an estimated cost of Rs 1.99 crore was started in February this year. Almost 40 per cent of the work is completed. We have to complete the remaining 60 per cent of the work. We will do it soon," said the engineer.
The major challenge for the BJP is clearing encroachment on the drain by a hospital nearby. The next problem is to clear the slums that have come up over the major storm water drain.


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