Saturday, May 08, 2010

Arkavathy Layout: BDA still looking for answers

Arkavathy Layout: BDA still looking for answers
Bangalore, May 7, DHNS:

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is searching for answers on formation of Arkavathy Layout even after three days of the Supreme Court verdict.

According to BDA officials, the SC judgement upholding the ruling of the Karnataka High Court is merely an “observation” that needs to be tallied with the HC order before deciding the fate of 8,813 allottees.

“The apex court verdict has not been spelled out in clear terms. It has made certain observations which need to be correlated with the ruling of the HC Division Bench,” a BDA official said.

The official said the BDA Commissioner has constituted a committee to look into the issue and the apex court verdict would be placed before the committee to decide future course of action. The officials believe that providing relief to allottees will be a long-drawn process. “We also have to submit a report to the High Court over land acquisition according to the SC verdict,” an official said.

No different

The fate of allottees, who were waiting for the verdict for the past six years is no different. Shivprasad, whose father-in-law, Subbaramiah, was the original allottee, states that though the SC order is a relief, it is still a long road ahead. “The BDA authorities have told us that the final picture will come only four to six months from now,” he said.

Gyanchand, another allottee is more sceptical over the entire formation of the layout. “I am 52-year old. The judgement has finally favoured us, but it will take a lifetime for me to build a house and reside there”, he rued.

Gyanchand feels that the snail’s pace at which the BDA has been pursuing the matter does not seem to have helped at all. “Lack of roads and sanitation apart from zero water supply mean that it will take more time than expected for us to get our rightful claim,” he said.


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