Monday, March 22, 2010

Koramangala residents unhappy with candidates

Koramangala residents unhappy with candidates

It was a debate between the candidates of Koramangala and a section of the residents of ward-151 on Sunday evening.

One common question posed to the candidates was - Will you step down in case a petition filed by majority of the residents asking you to do so on the grounds that you are not a good performer as corporator?

Believe it or not, all the candidates said they will accept the people’s verdict. But the reply came after they confidently said that such a situation will not arise.

In this ward reserved for woman - P Bhagya is the BJP candidate, B N Kokila (Congress), Dr Florence (JD-S) and K Malathi (Independent).

The discussion was organised by Smartvote and Citizen Matter. The other questions posed by the audience was whether the candidates know their constituency well, why people should vote them and what they will do if elected.

When Deccan Herald asked Dr Vahini Reddy, a resident of the area, she said she was not happy with the candidates replies. Some in the audience did not understand what the candidates said because they do not understand Kannada. One among them was Dr Venkateshwara Reddy. He found it difficult to understand the local language.


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