Monday, February 22, 2010

It’s not really hot, says Met

It’s not really hot, says Met
Bangalore, Feb 21, DH News Service

Bangaloreans are complaining that the city is getting hotter, but the Met dismisses this assumption.

Normally, the average temperature in February is about 32 degree celsius. However, this February has been hotter with day temperatures averaging 34 degrees.

While conceding there is a two-degree surge, weathermen attribute other reasons to why we are feeling the heat. Blame it on the the high-rise buildings blocking the wind, reduction in greenery and CO2 emission by the vehicles.

The Met sources said temperature may soar further in the coming days if there is no thunder-storm activities within the next few days.

Garden City

The Garden City for long was known as a cool zone as compared to other parts in the State because the maximum temperature would remain somewhere around 32 degree celsius, even as other areas, particularly in Karnataka would be 2-3 degrees higher.

However, this time around the temperature in February is close to 34 degree celsius causing much distress to the residents of the city. To add to the people’s woes there is no cyclonic system around that could reduce the soaring temperature.This hot weather may seem to be unusual and there is a basis to it. Generally temperature during February remains somewhere around 30 degrees celsius, according to the Met Department officials.

“There is surge of around four degree celsius from the average temperature of 30 degree celsius in the month of February in Bangalore,” he said. Yet it is not an unusual trend, says the Met Department.

A Met Department officer said, “On February 17, 2005, maximum temperature touched 35.9 degree celsius, making the hottest day of the month that year,” said the officer.

All that is of no consolation to the citizens who are bracing for a scorching summer ahead. The sales of UPS, inverters, air conditioners and maintenance service providers are increasing. The manager of a consumer goods shop says the high sales are bit of surprise considering it is still February.


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