Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hard times ahead: heat’s on this week

Hard times ahead: heat’s on this week

Bangalore: Brace for a scorching week ahead. The meteorological department has warned that with the official onset of summer in March, it will only get hotter. Next week, Bangalore’s temperature could well touch 35 degrees Celsius.
The past week saw a maximum temperature of 34 degrees. But Bangaloreans shouldn’t complain. The met department says Bangalore is among the cooler places in the state. Mysore has already recorded 34.7 degrees, while Gulbarga and Gadag are sweltering at 37 and 36 degrees respectively.
Met records for the past ten years show that February 2009 was the hottest, with 35.7 degrees being the all-time record. Met department director B Puttana told STOI: “Though people in the capital city are complaining about the heat, Bangalore is still a cooler place compared to other cities. While the current maximum temperature hovers around 34 degrees Celsius, it’s likely to rise over the next few days. From March 23, with days being longer, both day and night will have the same temperature. As the sun approaches the northern hemisphere, the temperature will rise.”


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