Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking bus to airport costlier than ride back

Taking bus to airport costlier than ride back
By: Manjunath L Hanji Date: 2010-01-25 Place: Bangalore

Bus service says it's because road is steep on way to airport, but others say low demand the real reason

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation's (BMTC) Volvo bus service Vayu Vajra from the city to Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL) costs more than the return journey.

BMTC officials say it is because on the way to BIAL the road is steep and hence the fuel consumption is more. But according to sources, the real reason is that not many passengers will travel in BMTC buses to BIAL.

There are nearly 80 buses to BIAL every day, but they do no get enough passengers. BMTC is facing losses
and to overcome that BMTC took the step to hike the price for passengers going to BIAL.

Though, on the way back to the city, the Volvo buses have a sufficient number of passengers.

The airport to city ticket (top) for Rs 125 and the city to airport (above) ticket for Rs 140.

Crux of the matter

The reason behind not getting enough passengers is that BMTC runs Volvo buses only from specific places and not from all over the city.

The passengers prefer hiring cabs to the airport. Buses are easily available and at a lesser fare on the return journey so the passengers prefer it.

But BMTC officials are not disclosing the fact. K S Vishwanath, Chief Traffic Manager (CTM) said, "We have started charging more in Vayu Vajra since December because the road leading to BIAL is up and fuel consumption is more. Passengers are happy with our service if they get proper ticket."

Radio irks techies
Techies blame that the drivers of Volvo buses play FM Radio loudly that irritates them. The drivers and conductors tune into the FM station of their choice, ignoring the passengers.

Tabbassum Syed, a software engineer who travels daily from KS Layout to HSR Layout is frustrated with the behaviour of drivers and told MiD-DAY, "Their (drivers and conductors) behaviour is different.

I travel daily in Volvo buses so I can go peacefully, but in the bus I face disturbance. I want to get a bit relaxed but can't. Many passengers get books, but they can never read due to the loud music."


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