Friday, January 15, 2010

Parking solution in site

Parking solution in site
Plot owners find a novel way of raking in the moolah. They convert vacant sites into parking areas, solving motorists’ parking worries

‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ goes a well-known saying. With motorists being greeted with ‘parking full’ boards on roads, malls or complexes, plot owners have seized this opportunity, converting their vacant sites into parking lots.
It is a win-win situation for everyone. While the plot owner gets to keep his site clean and pocket easy money, the vehicle owner is saved the trouble of looking for parking space. It aids the police too. When a vehicle gets parking space, it parks his worries too. There is, of course, one problem: The safety of the vehicle is not assured. Bangalore Mirror takes a peek at the vacant plots near malls and business districts that have been converted into parking lots.
Located behind the petrol bunk at Brigade Road-Residency Road intersection, this plot had earlier housed a bar and a garage. Now, it has young men in uniforms handing out parking tickets.
This plot can accommodate 50 cars and a dozen twowheelers and has entrances from both Residency Road and Brigade Road. This place has been leased out to private players for running this business. The ticket system is on per hour basis. “For the first hour, we charge Rs 20 and an additional Rs 10 for every hour after that,” said the parking attendant.
But don’t lose the parking ticket. For, your might have to shell out Rs 200. They do not own up responsibility for any damage to your vehicle. Instructions printed on the rear of the parking ticket are very clear: ‘No overnight parking’.
This parking lot is located right in front of the Forum Mall, on the Christ Christ College road. There is space to park nearly two dozen cars. The parking fee system too is a little different. They charge Rs 5 for a two-wheeler and Rs 20 for a four-wheeler for two hours. Beyond that, it is Rs 20 for a two-wheeler and Rs 30 for a fourwheeler for the entire day. This works out cheaper than the parking lot at Forum Mall. Here too, the parking attendants don’t take responsibility for damage or theft of your vehicle. You park at your own risk.
The parking lot near Big Bazaar can accommodate 400 two-wheelers at a time. As Big Bazaar does not have twowheeler parking, two-wheeler riders have no choice but to park their vehicles in the vacant plot adjacent to it. They charge Rs 5 per hour and Rs 25 for four-wheelers. This is more than the fee charged in the malls.
The basement parking in Total Mall in Murugeshpalya on Old Airport Road lacks enough space to accommodate vehicles, particularly during festive seasons and weekdays. It can accommodate only around 200 two-wheelers and 100 four-wheelers in its basement parking lot.
“During weekdays and festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, the inflow of visitors is more and accommodating all vehicles is nearly impossible,” said a parking attendant. So the mall owner has taken on rent private land measuring 100 mts x 50 mts next to the mall for parking purposes. They charge Rs 25 per hour.
The famous Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) on Lalbagh Road at Sudhamanagar does not have parking space in the building. The parking space is on a private land four blocks away. The place has been taken on rent.
They do not give any parking tickets. If the parking lot is full, motorists have a hard time as there are no parking space nearby. The parking attendant shuts the gate once the parking lot is full. He charges Rs 5 for twowheelers and Rs 10 for four-wheelers.


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