Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The games politicians play...

The games politicians play...
G Manjusainath

The chaotic Shivajinagar is a key ward of the Assembly constituency of the same name. Ahead of the BBMP polls, here’s a closer look at this ward.

Talk of elections to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the residents of Shivajinagar fume over corporators. Bogged down by many civic woes, the citizens have enough reasons to complain.

It is no surprise that some of these residents have decided not to vote in the coming elections to the BBMP. “What is the use of exercising ballot after standing in a long queue. Only a liar will get elected and prosper. Nothing has changed for us in the last 60 years. But our elected representatives have become richer after the elections,” said Nawab, a resident on Seppings Road.

Seppings Road in Shivajinagar is unique because the concrete road here is for multi-purpose, doubling up as drains as well as as a road. The drains are choking with filth and garbage and the entire area gets flooded during heavy rains. Despite complaining to the BBMP to get the drains cleaned, no one has turned up to attend to the residents’ complaints.

BBMP’s apathy

BBMP’s apathy has pushed the residents here to devise new methods to tackle this problem of draining out excess rainwater. The residents have raised the height of their buildings so that water cannot gush into their houses during rains.

The tragedy associated with Seppings Road and the surrounding areas is that there is not a single public toilet in the vicinity. A major stormwater drain runs close-by. People had even suggested that a public toilet be constructed on the stormwater drain. Garbage heap is another big menace here.

Residents’ contribution

However, the residents too have to be blamed for the poor state of civic amenities in Shivajinagar. If the underground drains are clogged, it is because of the illegal slaughter houses which have come up in the area. Local MLA Roshan Baig alleges that many illegal slaughter-house owners open the manhole everyday and dump the waste, due to which the UGDs get clogged.

According to some residents, the problem in the area is because of politics being played by the local politicians. The politicians are not interested in developing the area and even forming residents’ welfare associations. Roshan Baig also admits that lack of RWAs in his constituencies has hampered developmental activities in Shivajinagar.


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