Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No free left for outsiders

No free left for outsiders

The money minting methods of the city traffic cops are known to every Bangalorean. Here is a classic case, where an event manager was caught by a traffic cop and had to cough up Rs 100 for no mistake of his. All because he had a registration plate of another state.
Parthasarathi, a resident of Sanjaynagar, was heading towards home from Malleswaram. He took a left turn from the Sadashivnagar police station which is a free left. The signal itself says so. But, he had just crossed the signal when a traffic cop caught him. “I said that it was a free left turn and that is why I had turned that way, but he did not listen. Then he demanded to see all my documents starting from Driving Licence, Registration Certificate, Insurance and Emission Certificate,” said Parthasarathi. In spite of the fact that all the papers were in order and up to date, the cop demanded Rs 100 for what he thought was a ‘signal jump’.
Parthasarathi argued with the cops and asked him why he needed to pay for no mistake of his. “ When I asked him if it was because of the Andhra Pradesh registration that he was demanding the money, the cop got offended. He told me “Jaasti matad beda, vaddu valagade hakbidtini (Don’t talk too much or else I’ll beat you and take you into custody),” said Parthasarathi. He finally got fed up and paid the money.
Parthasarathi, who owns a red Pulsar, claimed that such a thing has happened to him many times. “I moved to Bangalore about three years ago and I am experiencing this since then. Whenever they see the registration plate and know it is an outstation registration, the cops take advantage of the situation. They catch me and fine me. I guess this is the easiest way of making money for them. We feel like guests in our own country,” he said.


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