Tuesday, December 08, 2009

There’s a book for every type of Bangalorean here

There’s a book for every type of Bangalorean here

Bangalore: From literature to popular fiction, IT fare to management titles, a range of books are on display at the Strand Book Fair.
Vidya Virkar, owner of Strand Book Stall, said: “Our philosophy has been that high end books should be available at affordable prices for book lovers. It has been a phenomenon in Bangalore — old Bangaloreans would read History and classics. Then came the IT professionals who weren’t into reading that much. They usually hunted for IT books and so Strand started stocking them. Then they began looking for self-help books and they gradually took to reading management books. They got into the reading mode, and now they’ve acquired the patience and read everything,” she said.
Vidya joined her father’s business which was built in Mumbai. “Our loyalists in the city have increased since its launch in 1995. The idea behind the book fair is to spread our philosophy among Bangaloreans,” added Vidya.
This year, there are titles in fiction, art, design, architecture, photography, literature, self-help, spirituality, science, travel and cookery. An entire floor has been dedicated to children’s books as well.
The book fair is on at Basava Bhavan from 10.30 am to 8 pm, and concludes on December 13.


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