Monday, December 28, 2009

‘Please don’t dig up roads’

‘Please don’t dig up roads’
As told to Deepa Natarajan

As another year comes to an end, everyone hopes for better times ahead in terms of happiness and prosperity. As 2010 dawns, the youngsters of Bangalore would like to see many positive changes in their City. Metrolife speaks to a few people to find out what changes they desire


I want the Bangalore Metro to be taken into serious consideration. The traffic in the City needs to be controlled properly. So the authorities have to start working towards that. In the last few years, summers have become unbearable due to the lack of trees. I hope that more trees are planted. The authorities should also close all the potholes so that no commuter meets with an accident.

Jerusha Varghese
Senior Process Associate

I hope the flyovers and the Metro work in the City are finished. The 11.30 pm curfew should be lifted at least on certain occasions. The City should be kept cleaner. It’s extremely dirty at present with people spitting and urinating on the roads. On top of that, we have people, who come and dig the roads for some reason or the other.

Customer Service Representative

The City’s infrastructure should be improved, but it should be done without cutting of trees. People should take responsibility of the area they are residing in. The City can be kept clean only then. If each person keeps the area around himself or herself clean, the entire City would be clean.

Communications Manager

I would like to see motorists, especially two wheelers and cabbies, driving with more sense and following road rules.

The government should ensure that the good old trees are not cut down for unnecessary road widening and for personal benefits.

There should be more public toilet facilities at important localities and shopping districts. Auto drivers should be willing to go to the destination of our choice and not ask for extra money.

Finally, I would like to see Bangalore retain the title of Garden City and not Garbage City.

Kiran Kumar

Awareness programmes should be organised in order to provide civic sense to the citizens. Most of the road and construction works are completed in a short span of time, and are not given a proper finish. As a result, roads are dug up again. The debris around such roads makes them so untidy and plus if it rains, everything is a complete mess. This should be avoided for the citizens to enjoy a better infrastructure. Proper use should be made of the citizens’ tax money. Plus when there is any work, there should be a proper inspection by concerned authorities/officials.


I hope to see better management, planning and co-operation when it comes to infrastructure, roadworks, electrical works etc.

I think it’s high time the government authorities stop fussing about trivial matter and focus on bigger issues like shortage of power. They shouldn’t dig roads up just for the sake of it.

There is a need to focus on different areas when it comes to traffic. The City also needs a multi-storeyed car parking especially in the areas around Central Business District. One good thing is that the Metro is coming up.


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