Friday, December 18, 2009

Hurdles galore at Tagore Circle

Hurdles galore at Tagore Circle
Bangalore, Dec 17, DHNS:

Despite the works being stalled at Tagore Circle, the day-to-day commuting for residents of Basavanagudi has become difficult.

Having relocated the bus stop, residents often have to walk to a great extent to board a local bus.

Several residents are bearing the brunt of the implications of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Tagore Circle underpass works. Bhagyamma, an office worker and a resident of Basavangudi, said, “The bus stop has been moved to another location. For people travelling towards Kanakapura, it is extremely difficult to commute in the evenings because of the distance.” Mukunda, a resident said that although there is no activity seen of the underpass works, the contractors are doing their own work of unloading the materials. “At the boys middle school, the designated contractors are unloading the construction materials, which were ordered for the underpass works” Mukunda said.

Lakshmi, who owns a shop in Basavanagudi is appaled at the kind of disruption the underpass works had done in the lives of residents. “Basic commuting like going to hospital has become a problem here for the residents. The bus route has become longer and auto rickshaws refuse to drop passengers beyond a point because of the underpass work. Local transportation is no longer conveniently available for residents here” she added.

52 trees to be axed for project

The controversial Tagore Circle underpass has risen its head once again with the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) planning to cut down 52 trees in a bid to increase the width of the service roads in the area.

Following the visit of the Chief Minister’s advisor on Traffic matters, Prof CEJ Justo, it is learnt that he had asked the BBMP to increase the width of the service road along Tagore Circle underpass from 3.5 meters to 5 meters.

In response to the matter of having to encroach upon M N Krishna Rao Park, the BBMP has stated that it will take possession of portions of the land if there is a need to build a bus bay in the area.

The Palike has said that there is no further addition to this alignment change in the underpass.


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