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Flyover denies access to residents

Flyover denies access to residents
Rashmi Menon, Bangalore, Dec 6, DHNS

Sundar Nagar, a residential area with about 600 houses, was a content locality until the construction of a flyover that connected Gokula with Mathikere.

While the flyover, which was inaugurated in September 2008, has eased the traffic situation in the area, it has caused several shops lined on both sides of the road to shut down. As a result, the residents are forced to travel to Mathikere for any kind of shopping, lamented Sundar Nagar Residents' Welfare Association president S B Ramachandra Rao.

Another problem is accessing Mathikere. “There are no service roads. The BBMP had told us that they would make it on both sides of the flyover but nothing has been done yet. There are also no streetlights, so walking on the muddy, uneven footpath become even more difficult,” Rao said, adding that the BBMP could have made a footpath on the flyover to avert this problem. With the shops getting closed due to lack of business post the construction of flyover, the residents have to cross over to Mathikere even for buying a small house item.

In addition to this, the railway track that runs under the flyover does not make their lives any easier. While crossing the railway track was illegal, association's secretary Nagabhushana said that they did not really have a choice. ‘The railway officials have put metal bars to prevent people from crossing the tracks. So we have to sneak through and cross. Sometimes, the trains stop here for hours blocking our entry to Mathikere,” said Nagabhushana. Instead, he suggested that the railways deputed a watchman there, who could close the gate when the trains were about to come. “There is a room provided for them. It will prevent mishaps,” he pointed out.

However, repeated complaints to BBMP have also fallen on deaf ears. Rao said that in spite of calling and sending letters they never get any reply from the BBMP.


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