Monday, December 14, 2009

BBMP One may issue building plans soon

BBMP One may issue building plans soon
Sandeep Moudgal, Bangalore, Dec 13, DHNS:

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike contact points (BBMP One) may very well become a hotspot for citizens.

According to the Palike, the BBMP One centres may issue building plans for structures on 30’ x 40’ and 40’ x 60’ sites in the city. The proposal may also include approval of plans for structures on 50’ x 80’ sites.

The BBMP will approve the structures only on the understanding that the architect who designs the plans will “bear full responsibility” of not violating any building violations.

Palike officials state that the citizens who want building plans approved will be given a pre-determined set of norms that will include the setback and other technicalities involved.

“We will display the norms on the BBMP website for citizens to adhere and ensure that their architects build it within that constraint,” said a Palike official. The Palike may also go one step further and provide an option for the people to choose from a BBMP-approved list of more than a 100 architects to design their houses without violating building by-laws.

“Currently, we are working on a software that will match these building plan approvals that are issued by the contact centres with the specifications approved on our server in the head office,” said the official.

Palike services only

An Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) initiative, the BBMP One centres will be providing the core Palike services including: issual of birth and death certificates, collection of property tax, khatha-related matters and building plans approval. Currently, 50-60 BBMP One centres have been identified for the matter.

The BBMP is currently mooting one centre for every ward. “We may also include the existing Palike help centres and remodel them in such a manner that it would be placed strategically in the City,” said the official.

On the confusion that may arise because of the name being similar to Bangalore One, the BBMP official said: “There will be no overlapping of services as BBMP One will only concentrate on the core Palike services.”


* Building plans for structures on 30’ x 40’ and 40’ x 60’ sites.
* Approval of plans for structures on 50’ x 80’ sites.

Other services

* Issual of birth and death certificates.
* Collection of property tax
* Khatha-related matters


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