Thursday, November 26, 2009

Travel light on Namma Metro

Travel light on Namma Metro
P M Raghunandan, nov 25, Bangalore:

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has decided to follow the footsteps of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation as far as passengers’ luggage is concerned.

Namma Metro will not allow people to carry heavy luggage -- not more than 15 kg per individual. “Namma Metro is designed on the lines of Delhi metro. We too will not allow heavy luggage as people are likely to misuse it as luggage van. There are also security concerns in allowing heavy luggage inside the metro,” BMRC Special DC N R Nagaraju said.
He further said that as there will be a heavy rush of people for metro it will not be possible to allow people to carry heavy luggage in the coaches. Though CCTVs will be installed in all metro stations to keep a watch on people, it is difficult to scan all luggage like it is done in the airport. Hence, heavy luggage cannot be allowed in the interest of security, the Special DC said.

This is sure to disappoint many local businessmen and especially, international air travellers as they generally carry more luggage. Such people have to depend on either BMTC bus or taxi services to reach BRV Grounds off M G Road, to board the proposed high speed rail to the airport. The proposed high speed rail has no restrictions as it is mainly meant for air travellers. Every economy class air traveller is allowed to carry maximum of 20 kg, while a person travelling in business class can carry 30 kg of luggage.
When contacted, DMRC Public Relations Officer Anju Dayal said: “Delhi Metro allows only light hand baggage which is less than 15 kg into the train. Our priority is to accommodate as many people.”

He, however, said plans are on the cards to reserve one or two coaches for air travellers.

No entry
* No entry into Namma Metro for people with more than
15 kg luggage
* BMRC cites security and misuse as reasons for the
* BMRC to follow the footsteps of DMRC in this regard


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