Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BDA creates database on property

BDA creates database on property

November 25th, 2009
By Our Correspondent
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Nov. 24: Clearly having had its fill of encroachments and litigations, the Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA) has hit upon the idea of building a database of all its properties by commissioning a survey to unravel what it is up against.
The Total Station Survey (TSS), as it is called, will aid the Master Plan 2015 drawn up to guide the growth of the BDA region over the next six years. To cull out properties lost to encroachments, BDA layout plans will be juxtaposed with the maps drawn under the survey to see what remains with it and what has been taken over by others. The survey will also help it assess the hurdles created by litigation and perhaps chalk out a way to overcome them, according to official sources.
“A lot of this information will help the BDA evict encroachers and reclaim its lost property,” they added. Currently, the required software is being developed for the survey, which will be conducted by a suitable agency selected through tenders. Having let a few loose ends hang when its jurisdiction was expanded for more holistic development of the city, the BDA is now relying on the survey to help it tidy its desk. It is particularly looking at the revenue department, which had transferred some to its land to the BDA at the time, without registering it in the records, to make the necessary entries and clear things up for good.
“Some of the BDA developed layouts, which were transferred to BBMP for maintenance, will also be covered by the survey,” explained a senior BDA official.
Approved and private layouts, besides villages under BDA’s jurisdiction are also up for careful scrutiny.
Besides acquainting the BDA with the ground situation where its properties are concerned, the survey will also categorise land as commercial, residential, government, civic amenity, or mixed use, sources added.


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