Thursday, November 26, 2009

Think beyond grass, Ashok tells park developers

Think beyond grass, Ashok tells park developers
Bangalore: Nov 25, DHNS:

Aggrieved by the degrading environment in and around the City and the silence adopted by Bangaloreans, Transport Minister R Ashok said that the planners should know that lawns with tuft of grass and a few playthings does not amount to parks. They should look at traditional fruit-bearing trees, as well.

Inaugurating a seminar on ‘Environment development and beautification,’ at Horticulture Information Centre, Lalbagh on Wednesday, he said, “A number of articles have been appearing on environment. Though we show our concern and are aware of the pivotal role played by the environment in our lives, we tend to forget it once we return to our mechanised lives.”

Taking strong exception at the way the BBMP was going ahead with its park development programme, the minister said that there should be prior planning about developing parks, kinds of trees to be grown etc. “Parks do not mean growing grass and ignoring trees. There is no different park development model before us. From North to South Bangalore we have a similar model. Can’t we think differently?” the minister questioned. He added that fruit trees like mango, guava and jamun ensured the stay of various birds and other fauna. But our park developers seem to have forgotten this.

Sapling for Rs 5,000!
The Minister said he is aware of that a sapling was bought at Rs 5,000 when the saplings of the trees were available for just Rs 10 to Rs 12.

“There is no dearth of funds for developing parks but it should be spent judiciously in the public interest. Pavements around Lalbagh are being constructed with one-inch thick slab. I wonder its fate after a couple of months,” said Ashok. Tanks are among the most abused natural resources in the City. They either fall prey to land sharks or are converted into dumpyards. The BBMP needs to initiate steps to curb such practices, he added.
Also, speaking on the occasion, BBMP administrator Shivakumar said people are unable to differentiate between growth and crass development. Our focus should be sustainable development.

BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena, MLAs Hemachandra Sagar and M Krishnappa were also present.


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