Monday, November 16, 2009

Soon, ‘Big Circle’ buses on Outer Ring Roads

Soon, ‘Big Circle’ buses on Outer Ring Roads

Bangalore: The BMTC will phase out normal buses on Outer Ring Roads, replacing them with special coloured-scheme ones, similar to the Big10 series. This, as part of the ‘Big Circle’ initiative, which is another exercise of branding its services.
Chief traffic manager K S Vishwanath said the Big Circle buses — around 200 of them — will replace those plying on ORRs now (routes 500, 500A). They will be fitted with GPS to track their route and maintain timings.
They’ll be different from the Big10 buses that continue to
run on premeditated routes along the city’s outer fringes. There are 140 Big10 buses plying at present.
BMTC has undertaken a branding exercise for all its services and introducing various types of buses for designated routes.
Officials said the colour schemes are mainly for easy identification of services and the routes that they will take. Apart from Big Circle, BMTC boasts of other catered services: Atal Sarige for the working class, plying between semi-urban areas and the city; Vajra buses (Volvos) — over 100 Vayu Vajras ply between various parts of the city and Bengaluru International Airport (BIA); Suvarna buses, Pushpaks and others.
This apart, there are special services like women’s special, hospital service and mall service.


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