Monday, November 16, 2009

CMH Road station, an escape from today’s chaos?

CMH Road station, an escape from today’s chaos?
S Praveen Dhaneshkar, Bangalore, Nov 15, DHNS

The CMH Road in Indiranagar is today a mighty mess, thanks to the ‘Namma Metro’ alignment on this stretch. But despite a litany of protests by residents and traders to shift the alignment to OM Road, the project took off here.

Yet, after enduring the virtual death of the once-thriving street, residents might just welcome the CMH Road station, the third from the Baiyappanahalli depot on the East-West corridor.

The BMRCL had to encounter protests and threats of self-immolation by traders and residents before it dared to venture into CMH Road and begin construction in early 2008.
Located in the heart of Indiranagar and named after the Chinmaya Mission Hospital at the other end of the Road, this stretch of Indiranagar has grown considerably over the last three decades from being a quiet residential area into a busy commercial hub.

Built at an elevated level, this station is located adjacent to the Arya Samaj building at a height of 12 mtrs above the ground and is probably the only one to be situated on the narrowest stretch of a Metro corridor. With features similar to that of other stations on Reach-1, it is expected to cater to those residing and working at Indiranagar, HAL 2nd stage, 100 ft Road, Defence Colony and Laxmipura.

While the total length of elevated stations is expected to be 136 meters and consist of two levels, the BMRCL has approved its designs so as to allow maximum sunlight into the stations by having glass-like facade/coverings.

The BMRCL has planned mode-wise parking requirements at all Metro stations, based on station loads.

The detailed project report (DPR) has stated that 70 per cent of passengers are expected to come to the station, by walk. Of all vehicle feeder trips, 80 per cent are expected to be performed by BMTC buses, while the remaining would be by cars, two-wheelers, autos and cycles.

In fact, planning at most Metro stations has been done in such a way as to avoid private vehicle parking. This is to encourage commuters to extensively use BMTC buses that would supplement the Metro as a feeder service. So, do not expect vehicle parking bays at the CMH Road station.

The DPR, while mentioning passenger traffic projections for the year 2021, has stated that 74 train commuters are expected to board the Metro, every peak minute.


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