Monday, November 16, 2009

‘Plan priorities have become city-centric’

‘Plan priorities have become city-centric’
Bangalore: Nov 15, DH News Service

The Advisor to the Chief Minister on Urban Affair A Ravindra on Sunday suggested that the Town and Country Planning Department should not be rigid with regard to house construction as per the sanctioned plan.

Addressing a gathering on the occasion of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Department’s (KTCPD) gold jubilee celebration Ravindra said, “We should look at the plan from people’s point of view. Why not we amend the laws instead of bringing laws to regularise the buildings with violations?”

Dr Ravindra took a dig at the urban-centric thinking in the town and country planning department. “The KTCPD is now addressed as Town Planning Department. People have forgotten ‘country’ or the rural areas. Our priorities have become city-centric and in Karnataka’s context, our priorities are Bangalore-centric. There is need for planning in the rural areas as well,” said Ravindra.

He advised the officials of the KTCPD that the urban planning should take into account the economic growth.

“Today development has taken over the plan and a lot of revenue layouts have come up. We say revenue layouts are illegal but it is also a fact that we could not provide land to the needy people,” said Ravindra.

He suggested to the KTCPD officials to incorporate the cultural and commercial activities while planning something new to cater to the changing lifestyle.

Earlier Minister for Urban Development S Suresh Kumar said there is need for foresightedness keeping in view the growth of the city. He added that along with planning, implementation is also required. He also took a dig at violations becoming a norm today.


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