Thursday, July 23, 2009

New registration plates on the anvil

New registration plates on the anvil

DNA Correspondent. Bangalore

Lost your vehicle and worried that it might fall into the hands of criminals? Here's reason for some relief. High security registration plates (HSRP) will soon be a reality in the state. The system of registration of vehicles uniformly and creating a database of each vehicle will help prevent vehicle thefts and the use of stolen vehicles for criminal activities like smuggling and terrorism. This system is already being used in Meghalaya. Rajasthan too will introduce it.
Once the system is introduced, all registration numbers of vehicles will have security features — a hologram, a laminated number plate that is visible even in the dark, and a special screw affixing the number plate to the vehicle, making it near-impossible to remove. A government-approved licensed vendor will set up embossing stations in each of the RTO offices, to make and fix the boards according to given specifications. The registering authority will also be able to maintain and update records on the information system.
The HSRP comes with a warranty for five years. The data created under the system will be easily transmitted to a national system, so that other state authorities too can access the information. The HSRP will ensure uniformity in the display of the registration numbers, and the number plates will be legible in the dark too. This will make it easier for the numbers to be read in times of accident or emergency.


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