Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let’s grab some breakfast on the bus

Let’s grab some breakfast on the bus

Bangalore: Too rushed to grab a bite as you flew out the door to catch the 7.24? Just have your power breakfast on the move — now, the 7.24 Vajra will serve up a variety menu. From idlis to parathas to burgers, fruit juice to filter coffee, take your pick and CommuDine your way to work.
The state government will introduce the CommuDine catering service in 51 of its Vajra and Vayu Vajra buses plying in the city in the next 15 days. In the second phase, the service will be extended to all Volvo buses run by KSRTC. Inspecting a three-week trial run on board a Vaju Vajra between Columbia Asia and Mehkri Circle on Friday, the state transport minister said, “This will make BMTC the first to provide such a service in the country, or may be across the globe. We are happy with the passenger feedback of the trial runs on the ITPB, Electronic City and BIAL routes.’’
The minister said the idea is to encourage more people to use public transport for their day-today commute. This way, they won’t return home with tummies grumbling loudly and dinner yet to be cooked.
Depending on the time of the commute, the menu — a selection of South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Chinese — includes rice items, idli, dosa, rotis, parathas, upma, noodles, manchurian, burgers and much more, and beverages like fruit juice and filter coffee, tea, bottled water. Chilled tender coconut water will also be served on board. All these items will be priced Rs 15-30.
According to Vishnu Konduru, MD of Panaah Consulting, providers of CommuDine services, a trained steward will take the orders at the seat and also serve the food. Commuters who are standing will be served food in a specially designed packet so they can eat without spilling. “CommuDine is a unique food and beverage service format designed to enhance the experience of bus travel, whether it is intra-city or inter-city. We serve hot, freshly-cooked food on board. It is a branded service and is IP-protected in over 100 countries.’’


At Saturday, July 25, 2009 at 6:03:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous CPN said...

hmm Need to try this out. The volvo bus driver brakes so hard that it is hard to be seated , let alone eat or drink.


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