Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Save IISc trees

Over the last 24-48 hours, the BBMP has started felling trees at CV Raman Circle.

A few days ago, the BBMP announced the impending felling and called for objections.
Numerous objections were filed, questioning the wisdom of felling these trees from a traffic decongestion perspective, and pointing out that alternative solutions have not been investigated. However none of these objections have been responded to.
In spite of this, the felling has started, clearly ignoring documented public opinion on the issue.

What can you do:
Share this information with the IISC community.
Stage a sit-in protest at the site. Hasiru Usiru volunteers will help with banners, will inform the media, and will try to be physically present. Even if you have 50-100 people protesting it'll be useful.
Call Mr.Suresh (The BBMP Tree Officer) and ask him how they can start felling the trees without first replying to the objections. Please call Vinay on 98805 95032, a Hasiru Usiru volunteer, to obtain the Tree Officer's number.
Take photographs of the tree-felling and mail it across to the Hasiru Usiru Yahoogroup
At the site, ask for a copy of the permission letter for the tree-felling. If they don't have a copy on the site, please lodge a complaint at the nearest police station immediately.
Please keep the Hasiru Usiru mailing list informed of the time and location of the protest.

For questions, clarifications, please call Vinay (9880595032) or Kanishka (9880950162)


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