Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bangalore City police issues order for granting licence for rallies

Bangalore City police issues order for granting licence for rallies
Bangalore, PTI:
Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 12:00 [IST]

In the wake of strictures passed by the Karnataka High Court, the Bangalore city police issued an order outlining guidelines and procedures for granting licence for rallies and processions by any political, religious and social groups to ensure that they do not cause traffic snarls and inconvenience to public.

The order issued on May 20, calls for issuing licence for a gathering of more than 250 persons at one place for conducting a meeting or protest or to hear a public speech including political, social, religious and cultural meetings to which public have free access.

However, it does not include concerts organised for public amusement and indoor meetings, for which the organisers have to secure separate permission.

The order which includes processions in its ambit defines it as an assembling of people, who are accompanied by music or otherwise consisting of more than 25 persons passing in a group on any public road in Bangalore city, with a common object.

It includes processions organised by political parties, religious groups, social organisations and route marches, but does not include marriage and funeral processions.

It said every application for procession or assembly be made atleast seven days prior excluding the proposed date of the procession or assembly. In exceptional cases, the reasons should be given in writing and the licensing authority would accept application with a short notice.

The order comes in the wake of JD(S) rally in the city in November last, which created traffic chaos.


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