Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jingle to save Lalbagh

Jingle to save Lalbagh
The campaign to save Lalbagh’s trees from metro work has got new impetus in the form of a peppy jingle, composed by music director Ricky Kej

Disturbed by the sight of trees being felled, musician Ricky Kej has composed a 35-second jingle not only to support the Save Lalbagh campaign, but also to show concern about the loss of green cover in the city.
Kej, a resident of Indiranagar, says he got the idea when he saw trees being cut for Metro work on CMH road. “The tree felling moved me. This idea of composing a jingle struck me one fine morning, when I woke up to see innumerable trees cut down on CMH road. I realised that the same fate would befall Nanda road, if action was not taken now.”
He, along with Avinash Chebbi, composed the jingle to demonstrate support for the green cause. The jingle, a blend of Kannada and English lyrics, is about the importance of greenery. It also says ‘Metro, go underground’, protesting the metro being built on the ground level, while also telling it not to stand in the way of the green city. “Since I am a musician, I should do something for my city by putting my talent to use”, says Ricky.
The music director was keen to compose a jingle not only to show his support but also to gather the backing of the masses. “Since putting the song out in CDs would require sponsors, I needed to look for a way to distribute it free of cost. This is why I thought that uploading it on Youtube, and passing it on to cell phones via bluetooth would be cost-effective”. Since everyone carries cell phones theses days, it can be easily accessible to everyone. The jingle will be distributed to all the cell phone providers on Monday, from where it will be circulated among the masses. It has been already uploaded in the website for viewing.
He expects the efforts to gather greater participation from the public. “This jingle in the form of ring tones and caller tunes will voice people’s opinion. The lyrics of the jingle are very hard hitting and thought provoking,” he added.
Ricky made his debut as a music director in Ramesh Aravind’s Accident. He also scored music for a short film Ek Tha Bachpan directed by Suhail Tatari and has scored for the Ramesh’s latest Venkata in Sankata.


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