Monday, April 27, 2009

For a start, create bulk parking space in CBD

For a start, create bulk parking space in CBD

Just two roads, both one-ways, connect Frazer Town, Cooke Town, Cox Town, St John's area to the Central Business District (CBD). The daily commute makes the residents feel they are staying far away from the CBD while location-wise, the area is so close to MG Road, Commercial Street and Residency Road.
Two roads that connect East Bangalore to the CBDare Kamaraj Road and St John's Road. But the problem is that Kamaraj Road is a one-way towards Wheeler Road while St John's Road is a one-way after Naga Theatre Junction, towards Dickenson Road.
Choked carriageway Kamaraj Road
When you take a trip down Kamaraj Road you encounter a major bottleneck at the junction of Dickenson Road and Kamaraj Road and the movement of shoppers only gets more crowded near Commercial Plaza. Though the traffic is much easier further down Kamaraj Road, you would spend a good 15-20 minutes to navigate the busy stretch. Ajay Motwani, Vice-President of Bangalore Commercial Association, feels that the major factor contributing to congestion is roadside parking.
"There are auto-rickshaws parked by the side of the road and this restricts the width of available carriageway. We have told this to the police many times but little help is available. Interestingly, the police station is located on Commercial Street," he said.
Traffic Bottleneck St John's Road
This is the road used by most people to go to MG Road and Commercial Street. You hit a major bottleneck while crossing a culvert near Naga Theatre Junction. This is a problem largely due to the apathy of civic authorities. You would be lucky if your car navigated the culvert across a stormwater drain.
Soundar Rajan, a resident, says: "The work has been going on for the last three years and in the last six months the work has not progressed at all. Few months ago, a drunkard was tripped down and succumbed to injuries. Driving through this stretch is a nightmare."
Gopal, a motorist using the stretch, said the civic officials do not care about the delay. "They are doing the work with in a half-hearted manner. Otherwise, how can anyone let those stone slabs and debris block half the road which is already congested?" he asks.
the other route
The alternative route for a motorist would be to take St. John's Road back towards Benson Town and take Queens Road via Cantonment Railway station. Another option is to use the road from Frazer Town connecting Ulsoor Lake near the office of Fire and Emergency Services. But these are lengthy options. The former takes you to Balekundri Circle and the latter to Trinity Church Junction.


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