Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Activists walk for Lalbagh

Activists walk for Lalbagh

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Protests over thedemolition of a part of the wall and felling of trees at Lalbagh continued on Tuesday with over 300 environment lovers going on a padayatra.
The protest, led by Hasiru Usiru, and with participants from various other associations including Lakshman Rao Boulevard Walkers’ Association, Sanmathi, Mara and others, strongly condemned the demolition at Lalbagh and at the Boulevard on RV Road.

Vinay, a volunteer from Hasiru Usiru, said the space in Lalbagh can be used only after amending the Karnataka Park and Open Spaces Act. So far, only an ordinance has been passed and it is yet to be ratified by the Assembly. This can be done only after May 16 once the elections are over. But the BMRCL has already started demolishing the wall and this is undemocratic, he said. They have also cut a few trees without taking permission from the tree officer, he said.

Raghunandan, another volunteer condemned the commercialisation of Lalbagh with the Metro. More than 200 youth took part in the padayatra, holding placards and raising slogans to conserve Lalbagh and the boulevard on RV Road.

This is the third protest after BMRCL started demolishing the Lalbagh’s wall, since April 21.


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