Friday, December 26, 2008

For 24/7 techies, toll gates are opening up a new life

For 24/7 techies, toll gates are opening up a new life

Are toll gates at Peripheral Ring Road, that makes the drive to Electronics City hassle-free, charging more than what is required? Should you pay more for a better infrastructure? Does the time saved on the road lead to improved productivity at work stations and better quality of life at home? Elizabeth S figures out the techies' tale.

Techies based in Electronics City, who drive down from Bannerghetta Road to Hosur Road, now have the option of taking NICE's Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) and getting to their workplaces faster. But this comes at a cost, Rs8 for two- wheelers and Rs21 for LCVs, for a one-way ride. But are the geeks in the city upbeat about the better infrastructure or irritable about the toll fee, or is it both?
With recession and layoffs becoming a reality, even techies are hurt by the toll fee, says David Ramesh, who makes his way to E-city for work everyday. Says he: "The life of a techie goes on 24/7. Any time that you save during the day is a boon. Money really doesn't matter, time is significantly more important. Despite the charges, the toll way has given us some respite. Still, the fare is high."
But not everyone thinks the toll is unaffordable. Voicing Ramesh's view, some professionals feel the time they save during the drive is precious. Praising the NICE project, Ajay, a software professional, says the toll is affordable. Definitely, the toll way is improving the quality quotient of Bangalore's techies.


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