Monday, November 24, 2008

250 days later, road leads nowhere

250 days later, road leads nowhere

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I Repair work at Opera, Brigade Road junctions yet to be completed I ‘ The pres- sure on these roads is contributing to traffic conges- tion on connecting ‘ ‘ roads, ham- pering vehicle movement
It has been 250 days, but repair work on a stormwater drain on the road connecting Hosmat junction with D’Souza Circle by the BBMP and BWSSB is yet to be completed. Traffic congestion has become the order of the day in the Central Business District due to the delay.

BBMP has taken up repair work on an old stormwater drain at the Opera junction connecting Residency Road with Brigade Road and BWSSB has started work on an old pipeline on the stretch between Hosmat and D’Souza Circle. This has led to never-ending jams and congestions in these areas.

The traffic police have been at the receiving end for the traffic jams in CBD. They are furious at the lethargic attitude of BBMP for dragging their feet on the work near the Hosmat junction.

The traffic police say the work is putting extreme pressure on Trinity circle, Palm Grove Road, Victoria Road, Richmond Road, Magarath Road, Residency Road, Brigade and MG Road. “It’s three months since the stretch between Hosmat and D’Souza Circle was closed to traffic. Even though BWSSB finished the work on the drain about 25 days ago, BBMP is yet to start the asphalting work. The pressure on these roads is contributing to traffic congestions on connecting roads thus hampering vehicle movement,” pointed out a police officer.

BBMP officials claimed that the contract for asphalting the stretch near Hosmat junction has already been awarded and the work will begin shortly. “After the work on the drain was completed there was a marginal difference in the level of the road. So the contractor has been asked to redo the work,” said a BBMP offi cial. Similarly, the work at Opera junction is yet to be completed as the drain work has increased the height of the road at the corners. Vehicle movement will resume once the entire work is over. “Once the work at the two places are over, traffic in CBD will be back to normal and congestion free even during weekends. Traf fic experts are planning on altering a few one-ways and installing modern age signboards so that traffic around Brigade Road moves smoothly,” the police said.


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