Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Less funds for development

Less funds for development

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I State releases only Rs 100 crore against Rs 1,800 crore I ‘ Under what provision can the BDA ‘ execute infrastructure projects?
Former mayor P.R. Ramesh claims the state government has released only Rs 100 crore to the BBMP although it had promised Rs 1,800 crore to develop the city’s infrastructure.

Mr Ramesh, who claims to have got the information under the Right to Information Act from the principal secretary Urban Development Mr K. Jothirmalingam, says Rs 100 crore has been sanctioned under State Finance Commission grants. “It is obligatory on a government to release SFC grants to the BBMP for pay ment of salaries to its employees. This money cannot be used for infrastructure funds,” he says.

Also, of Rs 110 crore earmarked for development and widening of roads in the periphery of the city from BDA’s funds only Rs 27.50 crore has been released. And BBMP spent the money towards paying the arrears of contractors, the former mayor says.

A major portion of the Rs 1,800 crore is meant for the Metro Rail which will get about for Rs 700 crore. The money is expected to be released as and when the work progresses.

Mr Ramesh adds that according to his information another Rs 700 crore will be used by the BDA to provide civic amenities in newly added areas of the BBMP. And Rs 100 crore will go to the BWSSB to complete the Cauvery 4th stage.

But BBMP sources point out that the BDA is a local planning authority which can only plan for the growth of the city for the next 10 years.

“Under what provision can the BDA execute infrastructure projects?” ask BBMP officers.


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