Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garbage collection takes backseat

Garbage collection takes backseat
Bangalore, dhns:

Garbage collection has apparently been a casualty in many residential layouts of the City, thanks to the string of holidays. The tell-tale signs of uncleared garbage were there for all to see in many areas, including Banashankari 3rd Stage.

For instance, at Ward no 56, Lakshmanappa road junction of 5th main and 5th cross in Banashankari 3rd stage, the usual pile-up of garbage has mounted in the last few days.

Laments Dr Gopinath, a resident of the area, “Garbage is being dumped just beside our house for the past many years. But during the past few days the amount of garbage has enormously increased and is emitting a putrid stench which is unbearable. Besides, this poses an enormous health hazard to the residents."

No garbage disposal truck has apparently visited the area in the last few days. On Tuesday, some civic authorities reportedly burnt a part of the dump. The smoke emitted in the heart of residential layout had its effects. “The burning material was emitting huge amounts of smoke causing allergic bronchitis to my family members,” complained another resident of the area. Apparently, the residents complained the concerned health authorities. But no action was taken, they said.

Deepavali is an occasion for me to invite customers and friends to the shop. Forgetting the routine ‘profit and loss’ talks, I engage in offering pooja to goddess Lakshmi and share sweets with friends and family members.

Today I opened new account books. I wish by next Deepavali, I start one more shop in the city.

-Rakesh, Manyatha Lights

Being a former NCC cadet, I chose this festival as an opportunity to convey my customers not to pollute environment by bursting crackers. None of us in the family have burst crackers for the last five years. I tell the same to others.

I am happy that many customers respond positively.

-Darshit Surana,
Prakash Appliances & Spares

Throughout the year, we are engaged in highly competitive trade. But on the day of Deepavali, we concentrate only on celebrations. 125 families in Basettypet come together to celebrate. We distribute sweet among ourselves and have food together.

Surendra Kumar,
Electric Merchants Association, Basettypet

We offer pooja for goddess Lakshmi at brahmi muhurta. Years ago, we used to change account books and cash books on the occasion of Deepavali. In the recent years we do offer pooja to new account books but make use of them only in the next financial year. It is a belief that if account books are offered pooja, we do good business without hassles in the next year.

-Prakash, Electric shopkeeper


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