Friday, September 26, 2008

haphazard growth - State yet to okay plan

haphazard growth - State yet to okay plan

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Successive governments since 2004 have failed to approve a Master Plan prepared by Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) resulting in haphazard growth and rise of a ‘concrete jungle’ surrounding Bengaluru International Airport (BIA).

The Master Plan prohibits highrises within a radius of 20 km (aerial distance), so that there is no obstruction of flight operations. But four months after BIA’s inau guration, the government is yet to approve the Master Plan prepared by Bengaluru International Airport Planning Authority (BIAPA).

“Since 2004, three drafts have been sent for approval. The government has not approved even one,” said the sources. Allegedly, the plan’s approval is being delayed to favour bigwigs who own land here and want zoning regulations in North Bengaluru changed. The government has already permitted KIADB to acquire land for setting up a Hardware Park and SEZ.


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