Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watt is the government up to?

Watt is the government up to?
Does Frequent Flip-Flops On Load-Shedding

Bangalore: Is there a load-shedding or not in Karnataka? The powerless people are as confused as the powersthat-be are. For, the government has, in the past couple of months, said yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. Here is the proof: June 21: Brace for power cuts
July 27: Load-shedding will be eased July 29: No power cuts, says CM
August 6: Load-shedding is back
August 13: Power cuts withdrawn August 26: Load-shedding back
August 27: No power cuts from Sept.
On Tuesday, the government reintroduced load-shedding; on Wednesday, it announced there won’t be power cuts from September 1. The government blamed the rain, the Centre, the demand and the supply for its flipflops. The current argument is that there is inadequate supply of power from the central generating stations and an increase in consumption.
Every time it rained, the government said there will be no power cuts. Both power minister K S Eswarappa and CM B S Yeddyurappa made statements to that effect. But when there was no rain, the government said it was reintroducing load-shedding.
Around this time last year, the reservoirs in the state had the potential to produce 7,000 MU of power; but it has come down to 5,000 MU this year. Energy secretary K Jairaj said: “The daily requirement is 110-115 MU and the state is in a position to manage it.’’
But the load-shedding has begun. Will there be no power cuts from Sept 1 as announced? Wait and watch.


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