Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's the bigger picture

Here's the bigger picture
By: Chetan R
Date: 2008-08-27


Big Deal: Print hoardings will soon be replaced by electronic billboards
Big players in the advertising industry will soon take centre-stage in the city.

BBMP officials have reportedly struck a deal with Reliance, which will outsource ad hoardings.

This will mean that the small players in outdoor advertising will soon be replaced by bigger agencies. It will also mean more revenue to the exchequer and also better looking hoardings. It will also put a check on illegal hoardings. It will also see the entry of new comers, like Reliance, on the hoarding ad scene.

The BBMP had come out with the new initiative much before the government put an end to the present execution of advertisements.

New guidelines

The new guidelines, which are yet to be released, recommend outsourcing of ads.

"Changes will be brought to the existing process of displaying advertisements. As outsourcing to a single company will be introduced, new companies may be seen displaying advertisements," said a source in BBMP.


Outsourcing will reportedly replace the existing process, where land is leased to many displayers or agencies to display lots of ads along one single stretch. Hoardings on a whole stretch will be outsourced to a single company.

Initially, stretches in select areas that are marked, as C and D zones will be outsourced.

"As state government's recent decision permits advertisement display in select areas, they will be the first to be outsourced. Talks with new comers is already through," said the source.
Illegal hoardings

Outsourcing a stretch to a single company is expected to generate double the present revenue. The revenue expected currently is about Rs 100 crore. Officials say the new system would put a check on illegal hoardings.

"Such system will put a check on illegal hoardings, which is rampant in city. As officials have less role to play, chances of they facilitating illegal hoardings can be checked," said B R Jayaramaraje Urs, special commissioner, BBMP.

Deal struck

Small players will be replaced in phases by the big ones, as stretches in city will be outsourced in various phases. While government is planning new guidelines, Reliance has reportedly has struck a deal in this regard.

"Reliance may be roped in for the purpose. Talks with them is said to be successful, which mean they will display hoardings in stretches," said the source.


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