Thursday, August 28, 2008

City receives record rain

City receives record rain

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The city has already received twice its normal rainfall in the month of August. As of August 27, the city’s rainfall was 240 mm for the month as against the average of 137 mm.

Indian Meteorological Department officials said the rainfall will decrease in the coming days.

A meteorologist pointed out that the intensity of rainfall in the entire state has decreased, but precipitation over south interior Karnataka including Bengaluru continues.

At 8 am on Tuesday morning, the city had received 66.2 mm of rain in the preceding 24 hours and 22.6 mm of rainfall was registered at the HAL Airport weather station.

IMD Bengaluru director A. Muthachami said the city received 641 mm rainfall since June 1, against the normal rainfall of 330 mm. However, the state is facing a deficiency of 11 per cent, with 577 mm recorded till August 26, against the normal 645 mm.

The rainfall in the city in the past month is the second highest in recorded history, the IMD said.

July also witnessed the second highest rainfall, 276.1 mm, in history. In July 1949, the city received whopping 350 mm.


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