Monday, June 23, 2008

‘Greencode’ at Lalbagh

‘Greencode’ at Lalbagh

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Garden to have 600 more species of plants, trees

BANGALORE: Lalbagh is all set to have an additional 600 species of plants and trees added to the existing 1,854 species by the end of August. The horticulture directorate kick started its plans on Sunday by planting 100 species of plants in the acacia section of the garden.

With the onset of monsoon, the department, in collaboration with environmentalists, joggers and volunteers, will plant the saplings.

More than 1,000 volunteers gathered at the south gate of Lalbagh to start the planting activities. The programme has been named Greencode which stands for global cooling and is initiated by civil defence wardens to bring together Bangaloreans to preserve and nurture greenery in Bangalore.
Celebrating beauty

The gathering was presided over by S.V. Hittalamani, additional director, horticulture, P. Narayanaswamy, joint director, and M. Jagadeesh, deputy director, horticulture.

“It was a way of celebrating the beauty and variety in Lalbagh. Every year we add 50 to 100 species but this year we want it to be on a bigger scale. We saw that the monsoon is doing good which is why it is a good time to start,” said Mr. Jagadeesh.

Lalbagh has several blocks such as economic garden, dhanwatari vana and palm groves. Most of the planting was done today in the acacia block.

There are 52 different acacia species and 10 were added.

Barring tonia Asiatica and Barring tonia sciciosa, which is a type of flowering tree with thread-like red flowers, were added.

Both exotic and indigenous species were planted today.

Ten different types of ficus were also added.


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