Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Car pooling: A possible alternative

Car pooling: A possible alternative
Rasheed Kappan
With an aptly titled "Project Carpool" concept, some Bangaloreans are now on a drive, spreading awareness...

Private cars of every hue and shape have flooded the Bangalore streets. The car is still a status symbol, something to be flaunted as a tool of wealth, of possession, of glamour. Yet, in that consumerist rush, often forgotten is the burden imposed on the already stretched city roads. “Car-pooling” could be a perfect answer to this, provided of course the car is rid of its status symbol.

With an aptly titled “Project Carpool” concept, some Bangaloreans are now on a drive, spreading awareness. Here’s what Parul Ghosh from the project has to say: “ If we carpool – share vehicles with people traveling on similar commutes and times, we not only ease traffic resulting in lesser commuting time, but also save money and also cause better living conditions due to lesser pollution and stress levels. Moreover, we will be disciplined in learning how to leave office at a fixed time, and spend more time at home with family. “

Project flyers are now up in 10 public places, mostly in BTM Layout and Indiranagar. Currently on is the promotion of existing carpool websites- namely www.commuteeasy.com, www.btis.in and carpool group carpool-bangalore@yahoogroups.com

Project members have talked about carpooling to around 60 people. Yet, about 90% cent of the registered users on Carpool websites do not own cars, making the project unworkable at present. The people behind the project now wants to change all that with these messages: “Register on the mentioned carpool websites, especially if you own a car. Find out people in your area who have similar travel patterns as you do (source and destination; and time), and work out a sharing arrangement,” as Sachin Kalwani says


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