Sunday, June 29, 2008

Abide with me: BSY

Abide with me: BSY
‘ I have a dream to transform Bengaluru into a world class city with world class infrastructure. ‘ I abide by Abide B.S. Yeddyurappa

Quoting histori ans, Karnataka Chief Minister B.S.

Yeddyurappa said on Saturday that Bengaluru was modelled after Bidar and Hampi in its architectural splendour and town design format.

“I have a dream for Bengaluru city. A dream to transform it into a world class city with world class infrastructure,” he told an audience that had come to inform and educate the new legislators of the monumen tal task ahead. “Don’t take this for a beginner’s bravado,” he added.

Thanking Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure De velopment (Abide) for providing an opportunity for interaction, the Chief Minister said: “I abide by Abide.” But, after day-long deliberations of the at the National Institute of Advanced Studies campus of the Indian Institute of Science, it appeared as if the problems the city is facing have multiplied in the seven month absence of popular governance.

At the end of the session, Mr Yeddyurappa did what a politician does when faced with a barrage of problems and solutions. He announced a committee to oversee the progress made by the earlier committee on implementation of its recommendations.

Twenty-eight days after it came to power, the BJP began its first attempt at earning the sobriquet of “party with a difference, government with a difference”.

Almost half of the Cabinet were present to hear NGOs and other organisations give a Powerpoint presentation, with facts and figures at their finger tips.

Sadly, while the facts remain the same, so did the presentation which remained the same as the ones earlier made to previous governments.


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