Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restoring gardens in Garden City

Restoring gardens in Garden City
— Nitya Andrew

Bangalore: Stumps of felled trees are all that is visible in areas where there is ongoing construction of Metro rail and underpasses. However, in an attempt to come across as environment-friendly and simultaneously continue with the developmental work in the city, BBMP and forest department have now joined hands to bring the ‘garden’ back into the Garden City by re-planting trees that were cut down for urbanization.
A tree transplantation experiment is being carried out at Bangalore University’s Jnanabharathi campus on Wednesday. Healthy trees, even a couple of decades old, that were felled, are being re-planted in the premises of Bangalore University.
The initiative was taken up by noted environmentalist Yellappa Reddy who said the procedure is 90 to 95% effective as long as the chosen tree is moderately healthy. The estimated cost for replanting a single tree is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 which is why the tree chosen for re-planting has to be healthy enough to withstand the “shock’’ of being uprooted and re-planted. The approximate cost for re-planting 15-odd trees is about Rs 1.5 lakh, which will be borne by the BBMP.
The procedure involves carefully selected trees being stripped of their smaller branches and leaves until they are left bare with only the essentials — the trunk, larger branches and the soft roots. In order to prevent damage to the tree’s sap tissue, the tender regions are wrapped with sackcloth and dried grass. The larger purpose here is to ensure food security in the ecosystem.
This experiment also provides material for observation and research for Biology students as transplanting of trees is quite a rare procedure. The gradual adaptation of these trees to their new environment and their progress will be monitored by students. The trees that are being re-planted as of now are Tabebuia Rosea and Bahunia. The former is an exotic tree that bears pink blossoms while the latter bears flowers of a deep pink hue. Just as the last tree was re-planted on Wednesday, the rain came down, as if Mother Nature approved.


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