Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hyderabad flight goes missing

Hyderabad flight goes missing
DH News Service ,Bangalore :
Passengers who were to board an Indian flight to Hyderabad at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) on Monday claimed that the aircraft which they were to board went missing and could not be located for 45 minutes.

Fifteen minutes prior to departure, passengers who were waiting to board Indian flight IC915 to Hyderabad said that the aircraft could not be located even by the airline staff and ground staff. Eventually, the aircraft was reportedly located at an outer parking position.

Poor facilities

Passengers of the flight blamed the poor facilities at the airport for the chaos.
However, Indian officials refuted the allegations. “The claim by passengers that IC 915 to Hyderabad was missing is false. When the aircraft is not airborne how can the question of it going missing arise? Beside, when an aircraft flies it has to report every 15 minutes to the flight information centre,” said an Indian spokesman.

Safe landing

“The aircraft took off with full load of passengers and landed at Hyderabad safely. The passengers were not accustomed to the facilities at the airport. There are some teething problems at the new airport due to the transition phase, but they are reducing day by day,” he added.


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