Friday, January 25, 2008

Instant underpass not so instant

Instant underpass not so instant
Friday January 25 2008 10:29 IST


BANGALORE: The instant underpass was after all not so instant as it was expected. The work on the Cauvery Junction `instant' underpass started on Saturday and nearly 40 per cent of it is yet to be completed.

The deadline for completing the work was 72 hours. According to the BBMP officials it will take another three days to complete the work.

While the work on the underpass is taking more time, motorists are already facing inconvenience due to traffic restrictions as they have to travel longer distances to reach Sadashivanagar, Malleswaram, Palace Road and other areas.

BBMP Commissioner S. Subramanya, refused to say anything about the deadline.”60 per cent of the work has been completed and people can monitor the progress,” he said.

Officials, however, said that shifting of BWSSB sewer lines took some time and that was the main reason for the delay. Asphalting the carriage ways on either side of the underpass is yet to commence. Laying of cement blocks for the underpass is also underway.

Construction of only one side of the ramp has been completed. “We are optimistic that the work will be completed in another three days and is likely to be inaugurated by Monday. Placing the remaining eight blocks of the underpass will take place during the late night hours after which the ramp will be levelled and asphalted,” said a senior BBMP engineer.

The official also pointed that work regarding construction of another similar underpass near BDA Junction will soon commence after this is completed.


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