Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get ready to shiver, for city temperature may fall further

Get ready to shiver, for city temperature may fall further
Wednesday December 26 2007 09:11 IST

Express News Service

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BANGALORE: The faithful who attended the midnight mass on Christmas Eve and revellers out on the road experienced the coldest night of the metro in the past seven years.

On December 24, the City Meteorological Department recorded a minimum temperature of 11.8 degrees C, the lowest minimum temperature of the year.

However, the lowest temperature of a decade, 11.5 degrees C, was recorded on December 14, 2000. Weather experts say that the dip in temperature is not unusual during December, due mainly to the northerly winds.

The temperature is likely to drop further. The average maximum temperature recorded during day was around 24 degrees C whereas it “drops to 11 degrees C during night.”

This is likely to continue till January. Speaking to this website's newspaper, City Meteorological Department Director G S Vijayaraghavan said the temperature had dropped even below the lowest minimum temperature of 16 years, 12.7 degrees C, recorded on November 15, 2007.

Since earth’s surface radiates heat during evening, the temperatures dip during evenings and early morning hours. This dip in temperature creates a cooling effect, he said.

He also pointed that on December 29, 1883, the lowest temperature recorded was 8.9 degrees C after which the lowest minimum temperature was recorded was in 2000 and 2007.

The lowest- ever temperature recorded by the City Met office was 7.8 degrees C on January 13, 1884.


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