Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Brrr...ing out the woollens

Brrr...ing out the woollens
D H News Service, Bangalore:
The change in climatic conditions prevailing in the city during the past ten days has seen an increase in cases of cold-related viral infections. Here's what some doctors of the city have to say...

Dr Mohan Rao, Chest Physician, M S Ramaiah Hospital says doctors/hospitals have recorded an increase in people being infected with cold or viral infections as a result of the winter chill in the city that may continue till January.

He however advises the tried and tested adage, prevention is better than cure. “The dip in temperatures makes the body more susceptible to viral infections. Children below the age of five are more likely to catch viral infections in these times. If cold related infection persists for more than ten days, then the patient could suffer from bronchitis” says he.

Dr Rajanna, Resident Medical Officer (RMO), Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital said the sudden chill in Bangalore weather, resulting in temperatures coming down during nights, has seen an increase in cases of upper chest infection.

“We have seen about 10-15 cases of cold related infections being reported in the OPD (out patient department) during the last ten days” he said.

Dr M L Siddaraju, Paediatrician and Director of Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health says the cha nge in climatic conditions in the city has seen an increase in children being diagnosed with common col d/cough which have been treated with prescribed medicines.


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