Thursday, May 24, 2007


Verghese P Abraham
Most of the ponds in the City are dying a slow death, the one near Kanteerava stadium in Cubbon Park beig a case in point.

Bangalore was famous for its lakes which was its primary source of water. Supplementing it is a series of ponds that added to the beauty of the City. But looks like the ponds too will soon be a thing of the past. For most of the ponds in the City are dying a slow death.

This is the fate of the pond near Kanteerava stadium in Cubbon Park. The thick bamboo serves for an excellent cover.

At first sight, the pond seems to be nothing but a lifeless waterbody. Its surface is covered in a layer of green leaves thickly layered and appears like a carpet of velvet green. But if one takes a closer look, the pond is abuzz with birds such as the Heron which stops by, dips its head into the water, shakes it till the eye stops to catch and takes to flight again. You’ll even find a Kingfisher, Myna and the Robin perching on the trees.
Channels are provided for the flow of rain water from the park into this pond. Strangely one of the main channel is blocked making the pond depend on the secondary channels for water. The bamboo trees provide good cover at the periphery of the pond and is used by families on a picnic to have a quick bite at food.
Maya and Anand (names changed) a couple who are frequent visitors to the place say, ‘We met here for the first time and this place gives us privacy.’ Anand wished that more benches were provided and made accessible from the main road. Noor, another visitor to the park is worried that there is no railing to keep the children away. ‘My son always runs towards the pond whenever we come here and I am worried about his safety.’
But the pond is slowly losing its charm. The pond is misused left, right and centre. There are people who use this place to relieve themselves, street urchins and destitutes use this place for ablutions.
When asked about the fate of the pond, Dr G K Vasanth director to Horticulture Department Karnataka, says, “we have a definite plan to rejuvenate the ponds. The ponds in Cubbon Park and Lalbagh come under us. We have rejuvenated the lotus pond and tank at Lalbagh and are in the process of cleaning and maintaining the pond at Cubbon Park.This pond is called Karaga Kuntae and has religious significance as the Thigala community uses it for their Karaga puja which falls during the month of March.”
He says the pond is dry for eight to nine months of the year and is primarily dependent on rains. “A source for providing water to the pond is being planned.” There were benches provided for the public but it had to be removed because in the evening it was used for illegal ventures. Cubbon park unlike Lal bagh is an open space and there is less staff to give security and check unwanted activities.’
However, he assures that the pond will be taken up for rejuvenation and made more user- friendly to the public.


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