Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BMRCL contemplates following safety features of Delhi Metro

BMRCL contemplates following safety features of Delhi Metro
Wednesday May 23 2007 11:35 IST

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BANGALORE: To set an international standard in class and safety, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), will fashion its fire prevention and safety measures after the Delhi Metro Rail.

“The Delhi Metro Rail is the pioneer in using the latest technology in fire prevention and safety measures in metro rail. The BMRCL is also contemplating on the safety measures adopted by the American and Britain Metro, but the Delhi Metro is of world-class,” said Jija Hari Singh, Director General of Police, Fire Services.

Delhi Metro Rail is designed in such a way that in emergency, passengers can be evacuated from both the sides. When a fire breaks out or some emergency occurs, the Delhi Metro is equipped with smoke control systems which can withstand heat up to 250 degrees celsius for two hours with a smoke-free path. The technical staff too are trained in such a professional manner that the evacuation of people from the spot of fire is conducted in about six minutes.

V Madhu MD, BMRCL said, “Yes, broad guidelines for the fire prevention and safety measures are based on the Delhi Metro pattern for the underground and elevated systems. A series of discussions with the general consultants are being made to determine the final fire security and safety measures keeping the Delhi pattern in mind.”

Features of DMRC

In case of fire

Underground system: Every 230 metres, there exist cross-passages to lead people from one tunnel to the other; fire doors that prevent smoke from entering the other tunnel and at the same time provide a safe passage for escape in between; dedicated fireman’s entrances which are pressurised to maintain a smoke-free environment and emergency pressurised staircases which keep out smoke; smoke control systems which can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees celsius.

Fire suppression system: Fire suppression system of the Delhi Metro consists of filling up of inert gases in the main technical and control rooms in case of a fire. Along with the water sprinkling system, the gases ensure that the fire does not spread.

Design feature

Automated emergency exits in the event of a fire or mishap. The actual evacuation would also involve the people on the platforms.

Important feature: Role of high-speed reversible flow fans, capable of directing the air in desired direction. In the event of a fire or explosion in a tunnel, the direction of the air flow can be controlled through the reversible flow fans to prevent the smoke from moving towards people being evacuated.


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