Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where the axe was spared

Where the axe was spared

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Dewan Poornaiah undertook restoration work of the damaged portions of Bangalore Fort soon after the fall of Tipu Sultan. Experts surmise that this could be an earliest attempt at conservation in Karnataka.

Guard Room of Lalbagh

The West Gate of Lalbagh features a heritage aspect in the Guard Room. Not many know that it was shifted in 1935 from the residence of Dewan P.N. Krishnamurthy near the Race Course to the present location.

Cash Pharmacy

A few concerned heritage lovers raised their voice when there was a move to raze the famous Cash Pharmacy building in the late 90s, which was demolished recently.

Attara Kacheri

When the then Government decided to demolish the Attara Kacheri building housing the Karnataka High Court in 1982, heritage lovers fought tooth and nail to prevent it. Saner voices prevailed and the building was restored to its original grandeur.

MEG War Memorial

The Army shifted the MEG War Memorial from outside its campus to its premises in 1986 when it was found that the traffic was slowing down due to its presence near Ulsoor Tank.


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